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M&A/Corporate Strategy for Federal Contractors

Buyer-Centric Approach

Caliber Consulting follows a carefully structured approach that gives buyers the advantage in M&A:

  • Establish strategic and financial goals for the company that guide M&A and keep the company focused on creating value for its shareholders;

  • Pursue M&A deals that serve the company’s strategy, rather than letting the deals become the strategy;

  • Focus resources on the M&A opportunities that make the soundest strategic sense — not simply the latest deals marketed by investment banks;

  • Prioritize M&A deals not just on the value they would add but also on how likely they are to close;

  • Follow a thorough, systematic approach to M&A that builds the company’s reputation as a credible, serious player in the M&A market;

  • Gain strategic leverage in M&A by tilting the playing field of an M&A auction in the company’s favor — or by avoiding an auction altogether; and

  • Apply the strategic intelligence gained in M&A to further the company’s strategic planning and organic growth efforts.

Caliber also allows buyers to devote full attention to M&A without neglecting the company’s existing business — and without compromising the confidentiality that's essential to successful dealmaking.

If you’d like to explore how Caliber Consulting's distinctive approach to M&A can grow your business, please contact us.